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The wife needs this, too. She can take care of herself in general, she just chooses not to since her husband Wanting a girl to make my man happy her. A My woman my future wife will force her to get out of bed and in charge of her life.

Honestly, to me the wife just sounds lazy. The LW makes it sound like the latter. There is absolutely no excuse for his wife to not be up by the time their kindergartner gets home from school. This marriage is toxic—health problems or not. That includes some chores, taking care of kids, and yeah, having sex with her husband.

The LW has a 4th kid. It sounds like she is using her illness es as an excuse to be lazy and be waited on hand and foot and sleep all day. Clearly, you have a good deal of self-awareness here and recognize your role in enabling her depression, apathy, and well…. One thing you did not mention, and that I My woman my future wife you should spend serious time on, is what made you fall in love in the first place. I gather I hope! I assume there was once love, passion, and respect where now there My woman my future wife little.

Whereas if the relationship was built out of convenience or ambivalence, there is nothing to get back TO. But as you and Wendy both mentioned, you CAN modify your own behavior.

You can stop My woman my future wife enabling and deal with the consequences. Yes, in the short term, it will be ugly but maybe it needs to get worse for it for her! People often will not work unless forced to do so.

A good behavioral psychologist could help you develop practical concrete ways to change these unhealthy patterns in your marriage. Some of it might be tough love. Some of it might be creating romance. Changing the dynamics of the relationship now would be shutting the barn door after the horse left. The time to put your My woman my future wife down about the shouting and fetching is when it first starts. Growing a backbone now will not change years-long patterns of behavior.

The very best marriage advice I ever got was from a co-worker, married 30 years. She saw me standing in the parking lot, waiting for my husband to pick me up. He was late for the umpteenth time. She told Lady wants sex AL Brantley 36009 to start walking. If I waited around when he was late, I was destined to wait around forever. Well, I was just mad enough to do it.

He started driving home, and found m along the way. It was the absolute last time he was ever late. Moral of the story: FireStar February 15, I feel for you. You sound emotionally exhausted.

When you married you knew certain things would be part of your reality but clearly your My woman my future wife has embraced some behaviours that add to your burden and magnify your resentment.

Talk to your lawyer, then talk to your wife, and then talk to a counsellor. Futjre that you have enabled Ladies wants sex tonight Dellwood — just as she must be responsible for her ffuture you have to be responsible for yours.

Try and turn your marriage into a healthy and happy one — mt both your sakes. And if that turns out to be impossible then console yourself with the fact that you tried your best.

That is Housewives wants sex TX Abilene 79602 anyone can do.

SherBear February 15, My woman my future wife, They are both extremely optimistic and, most importantly, treat their husbands with respect. I personally am NOT futurs morning Naughty women looking nsa Pike Creek — and while I can sometimes be a little grumpy I am not angry at the world for waking me up and I certainly do not curse at people!

While I curse like a sailor I do not curse AT people — Fuuture find it extremely disprectful and if for some reason I ever do I apologize, no one that Wifee care about should be treated that way. In short you are NOT the bad guy! You have discussed with her repeatedly what you NEED and you are getting nothing. If anything I applaud you for sticking around for as long as you have. Bossy Italian Wife February 15, You futuer not a bad guy, but it does sound like you are engaging in enabling behavior.

This is understandable qoman the circumstances, and it sound like you are fully aware that My woman my future wife wife is futkre allowed to hold you hostage in this way. I do take issue with one thing: I always love to hear this one.

And then, you put it something like this: If you refuse to go with me, I am going to go by myself and the likelihood that we will get a divorce is much higher. I am thinking of leaving you. Did you know that by the time most couples present for therapy they have been unhappy an average of six years?! That is six years too long, and you would likely agree with me on this one.

Give it one last try. You sound like a wlman guy who has done a lot in the name of love, and perhaps your wife will surprise you. I hope she does. I think the LW by himself needs therapy.

I too think there is nothing wrong with therapy, so when I say that I mean that being a caretaker is HARD and he has a lot on his plate. That must be stressful, exhausting, My woman my future wife cause some resentment issues to boot. It all My woman my future wife so exhausting for you, LW. It must be hard to live a life like that. But I agree with others who say that you need to talk to My woman my future wife before you do anything, or talk to her immediately after you talk to a lawyer about what to do.

Counseling would be good for My woman my future wife both of you. It can be hard having a disability. I underestimate myself sometimes in what I can do and then am pleasantly surprised when I realize how much My woman my future wife can do.

My woman my future wife said that she is unwilling to go to therapy. Did you mean physical therapy is she supposed to be doing physical therapy, but has stopped? You said that you would rather give in to her demands then face a confrontation, and with that kind of attitude you will never be happy in your marriage.

You have to tell her that unless she starts taking on more housework and contributing to the household — i. This has been the status quo for a while, and she may not realize how you feel. That being said, it is worrying that the children are being potentially neglected when you are not at home.

Do you have a family member or My woman my future wife neighbor who can maybe help out with the kids a few times a week? Ffuture is there an after-school place they can go to in your school district where they would come Bismarck-AR bisexual group sex later?

Do you guys ever have conversations about the future, about your daily lives, about the kids, or anything at all? Have you two done anything romantic for each other? Do you show any affection for each other at all?

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Have you gone to dinner, cuture the two of you, lately? I hope you talk to her, LW, and I hope you ,y the right thing, whatever it may be. MsBorgia February 15, I actually got really anxious reading this because the LW could be describing my mother— health issues, bitterness, neediness,refusing therapy, the whole shebang. My father divorced her last year and even though my sister and I are out of the house, I almost wish he had done it sooner— just so we would have had a place to go to get away from her.

But from the perspective of a kid that had to deal with that crap— get out now. Just Max February 15, The effect of growing up with parents like this really mt on the child ren and their personality. I grew up in a somewhat similar environment excluding physical issuesbut my father also had his own set of demons he was battling. Even at I am 18yo Augusta very young age, Futjre realized how screwed up each of them were, but I never internalized it.

As much as having a mother like that is not ideal for their children, having a My woman my future wife that just caters to her is doing the children a disservice, as well. MsBorgia February 15,2: This is so true. I have definitely learned a lot from them about how NOT to be in wwoman relationship, and My woman my future wife am very My woman my future wife of having loving and functional friendships and romances today.

MsMisery February 15,1: Being the daughter of a crazy mother is no fun. We need a support group. I want futurd join that support group! I love ffuture idea! That should be one of the forum threads! After reading some of the comments, I am left with a few questions. I wonder for how long he needs to not have a life for the sake of salvaging this relationship. For how long does someone has to keep trying to save a marriage womam is not working? And about the kids… a divorce does not equal abandonment or permanently scarred children.

Not in every instance, at least. I personally believe that kids are mj off with divorced parents that are not pretending to have a relationship for their sake. Knowing my parents, I am forever grateful they divorced when I was still a kid; I cannot even begin to imagine how our lives would have been Mg had they decided womaj stay together for our sake.

WHen my parents divorced, all of my friends and extended family were very supportive and concerned doman how I was handling it. This thread makes me kind of sad about marriage.

Marriage is so clearly no longer about til death do us part I guess. More like til its My woman my future wife longer working.

BOTH people have to be giving their all. I agree with your points, and I was speaking more to what you said about general society viewing it as disposable rather than this guy specifically.

But justing thinking about the vows specifically, and Wjfe believe people mean them when they My woman my future wife them, its really sad that no one right or wrong ever really sticks to them anymore. Both have to be committed to make it work — no one person can carry a marriage all on their own. No one hopes that will happen, but when it does, the impact needs to be considered. It becomes especially difficult if only one person sees the need — or futurr wants — to My woman my future wife.

It all seems very pointless to me. However, as much as I can completely understand and support that this LW wants out of his marriage, the financial aspect alone is probably Hey single click here major deterrent.

But if you can sit here acknowledging that people change and because of that and a host of other things divorce is an important option, then what exactly are you commiting to when you marry?

But only a hope that its til death do you part, but only if life is good to you. In my wiffe, the point of marriage is to spend the rest of your life with your best friend and lover. I certainly think that they should try to make it work, especially when there are children involved. Sarah February 15,womsn My woman my future wife I had to summarize what I think marriage should be, it should be two people committing to work hard and try every day to be the best partners they can be.

Showing love and appreciation and commitment is what will get a couple though the hard parts of a marriage. The LW needs to address these issues based on where things are now. This LW has gone through 13 years and 3 kids worth of trying. He has repeatedly tried wiffe talk to his wife and get Women fat sex Black Lake New York to improve, with no success. How long is he supposed to try for?

Marriage is supposed to be a thing that benefits and supports you, not drains you dry. He My woman my future wife about being afraid of confrontation, so he just goes fuutre with things. He is partly to blame for the state of his marriage. GatorGirl February 15, But- in this guys case…it seems like the wife was the one who threw in the towel a long time ago. A marriage is a partenership but she has taken a passive role.

I do not think divorce should ever be the first option…but I do think there are some times when there are no options left.

Why should he have to live a miserable life because she is vuture ReginaRey February My woman my future wife,1: I guess my philosophy is that people should take marriage a lot more seriously, and should REALLY talk, communicate, and give it time before marrying someone.

Lili February 15,1: Not that there is anything inherently wrong about the romantic ideal of everlasting love, but it completely ignores the fundamental reality of relationships: They are a lot of damned fuure and there is no happily ever after. Wufe, divorce was created long, long before dife time. Betty Boop Dife 15,2: I guess I was thinking in a larger historical context. There are many places, religions, cultures, etc.

I get riled up when people romanticize the institution of marriage and forget all about eife reality. Betty Boop February 15,7: People born in expected to live until 50, in the 50s, they expected to live until 60, in the aughts, we now expect to live to 80 and beyond. My woman my future wife to deal with it for another 40 is a lot more painful. Elle Marie February 15, My mother has significant mental health issues which have impacted her physical health over the years as welland my childhood home life was very difficult for huge chunks of my childhood.

There were often times where my father resented spending so much time taking care of my mother, and my older sister and I were left to look after each other and often wound up fighting with each other, with no parents My woman my future wife to referee; fun times.

I think one of the biggest things that helped was that my father went to therapy. Though throughout it all, both of my parents really cared about one another and cared about finding a way to make their marriage continue to wiffe. While my mother might never be fully well, she is committed to being as functional and well as she can be, and supporting my father as best as she can.

Yammy February 15,1: Document as much as you can. Wonan, please, speak with a lawyer ASAP to find out the futuge way to protect your children. I do hope that things turn around for the two of you. God bless you for trying as hard as you have. Honey, I have health womah myself, and let me tell you, futur your wife is My woman my future wife is taking advantage.

And a good dose of reality, antidepressants, and counseling. Being in pain is depressing and can cause depression. I deal with it every damned day of my life. My woman my future wife an attorney if you can afford one. Look for cheap alternatives at the very least. Demand counseling, a My woman my future wife evaluation for depression and change.

Do not allow your kids to do it either. Demand better treatment in the mornings. It does not fture how we mentally react to people in the morning, nor how Mu choose to respond to people when we are in a bad mood.

It simply means we are in more pain than other people and can Ladies wants hot sex NJ Montville 7045 short My woman my future wife on bad days. Even then, we can control our tempers — womah a modicum more aife self control!

I just KNEW you were gonna love this one. I agree with you so, so much, AKChic as per usual. LW, from my own personal experience, prolonged pain is difficult to womwn with.

Exhaustion is constant, as is frustration. It is counter-intuitive, and childish, for her to treat you like shit as you are caring for Sexy bimen for sexy biwomen mw. Seriously — trust AKChic wief I when we say that she has no valid excuse for being so futurw to you despite her being sick.

Individual therapy actually helped me A LOT with internalizing and moving past the pain and frustration associated with being wlman constant physical pain. You need to mmy her what the consequences of her actions are!

It started out with a car accident 8 years ago. ReginaRey February 15,3: People are sometimes wary of them because of how MDs have polarized them, but quite honestly, chiropractors My woman my future wife least the good ones, anyway have the right idea in my opinion — total health and wellness, and preventative care.

Doctors iwfe so quick to throw pills at problems, instead of trying to actually reverse damage and make you better. Anyway, just wanted to throw that out wfie. Well of course they do… The money isnt in the cure….

Best medical care in the world my ass. Betty Boop February 15,4: May I ask from where this concept came? Not doubting you, just very curious. Might even make it to 40 with the way integrated health care is My woman my future wife The My woman my future wife it was built on or the theory it is sustained on or both?

I live in Colorado, like the meca of weird hippie shit remedies, and I swear to god they work. As I mentioned maybe on this thread? He went to some alternative medicine chick and had 3 sessions with her and she fixed him. Hmm not sure and witch doctor. She did this massage thing with a machine real doctor machine and gave him a new diet plan Submissive Hamilton, Ontario needs it My woman my future wife herbs — but no perscriptions.

We were tempted to call him when this lady seemed to fix him, but we thought that would be too obnoxious. Love mine and I will not trade her for anything. Leroy February 15,tuture They believed that subluxations in the spine influenced the flow of energy through your body. My last pregnancy aggravated my lower back we expected it to happen eventually. I get one disc in my mid back that leaks every once in a while.

My lower back will mg fused eventually when I have the money for it. I refuse wkman fuse my neck. The nerve futurs and a few of the discs pressing against nerves in my neck can send pain signals down my arms, or worse, numb the feeling in my arms and hands.

In my back, it just gives me sciatic pains down my right leg. Sarah February 15, You live in a house filled with unsaid suffering, and your kids are suffering the most.

Every day longer you keep them in a circumstance that is unhealthy is another day they learn that unhealthy is normal and safe. You have got to do something to change this and create a healthy life for vuture kids. I hate ultimatums most of the time, but it applies here.

Being the guy who cheats on his sick wife. How many times have we all heard that story? Although some details differ, the basics are all there. I echo others who suggest that depression and anxiety might be at play wiman.

The advantage I have in my situation is that at least my wife recognizes her issues and has worked to overcome them through, among other things, trying various medications to My woman my future wife with her issues. That has made things better. Still not all that different, but better. However, if she flat-out refuses to help herself, you need to stop catering to her every demand.

Face it, even if she has to get out of bed to come yell soman My woman my future wife for not bringing her a drink or whatnot, at least she will get out of bed. They already know the score. The My woman my future wife now is mainly one of digging out from a financial situation that I could easily have avoided had I not just assumed she was taking care of things as she said she was. And to be honest, it got bad enough when I was about 12 that I started wondering why my mom put up with it.

Addie Pray February 15,5: LW, you say you feel guilty and that is natural. LW, we had early mornings in my family, too. Except they were called Sundays. And instead of my mom being the one at fault, it was my dad. My mom would slip into my room early-ish Sunday mornings and My woman my future wife that my dad was in a mood, and we needed to do everything just the way he wanted to avoid the tirade on how worthless we all were.

Of course there were other circumstances that caused both of those things, but emotionally hostile environments were very normal. You know when my dad changed?

When my mom kicked him out of the house and told him either he got counseling or he stayed gone. It was a rude awakening for him; no one would enable his bad behavior anymore.

MajinMD February 15,7: Circadian rhythm is your body clock. Cicada rhythm is, according to a Google search, a band. And a former English major. Okay, that out of the way, I deal with patients like how LW describes his wife All. Work is hard, waking up in the morning is hard, running a household is hard. So what does this mean for the LW? As the LW himself said, people have to want to change before they will, and she has no incentive to change at this point: She needs to be forced to have responsibility for her own life, family and womzn again.

I am going to go against the grain and call bullshit on LW. This is not the Dear Wendy that I know and love. There are times when I want to be babied. When my migraines are so bad that I have to be in the dark with no noise.

And yes, those days I do ask for help. I ask someone to go grocery wiff with me. My woman my future wife skip doing the laundry that day. Fuhure avoid the stairs and take futurf the couch. I limit my movements, but I still do for myself. She has cuture else do it for her, which is only ruining her joints and allowing arthritis to set in that much My woman my future wife.

40 Sincere Love Messages For Your Wife » True Love Words

You are assuming she is hold up in her bed not moving an inch until he gets home, which might not be the case. Maybe thats all the energy she can muster. Every disabled person has their own limits and they change daily as you well know.

I suspect you might see it as necessary to help you simply get through the day. Obviously, you have some issues that are colouring your perception to this letter. You seem to think his wife is a helpless invalid.

My woman my future wife does that wonan My woman my future wife sense? I am not sure how your feelings on societal norms have a bearing My woman my future wife owman real world, real life situation. Seems better to try to not wofe women with the unfair duties of default caregivers than to hold the whole world to that shitty standard.

Poicelle February 17,7: What makes me take pause in this letter is whether or not the LW has actually mentioned any of this to his wife. Letters like this make me glad that I am single. Yes, I think the writing is on the wall. You must have gone through similar stuff Mark but unencumbered by a marriage contract. Taking on a life partner has a lot of ups and downs. No, my own love life has been devoid of M drama and such intimacy lately… Of course all that comes with both good and bad….

We were together for 4 years before we married. What we do do, though, is talk about things when they come up and hash stuff out. Of course I married him because I love him, but I also married him because I know we are compatible in the important ways and because I know he is someone that is worth it to fight for.

We are also both children of divorce. People grow apart and sometimes no amount of counseling can Wife want real sex MI Springfield 48350 that. Sometimes divorce is in the best interest of all people involved, but it is, and should be, the absolute last resort.

It does not seem to me that this LW has fought for his marriage or his life. Yes, they should have marriage counseling. They should each go to counseling on their own. AND, I think the kids should see a therapist to detmine a if they My woman my future wife struggling at all in the situation and b to give them tools to deal with it if they ARE struggling.

Kids are very perceptive. Then I think he needs to get My woman my future wife with his wife and stop taking her shit.

Yes, it will be ugly at first, but anytime there is a change in I need a Kimball guys dick status quo things are uncomfortable.

He needs to take control of his financial well being just as much as his emotional and mental well being. If his wife is causing there to be financial issues, then find a way to remove that power from her. Lastly, like someone else mentioned, he needs to find a way to remember why My woman my future wife was a spark in the My woman my future wife place and do everything he can to get it back.

People get complacent over time. We need to be reminded of things we have taken for granted so that we can start to appreciate them again. You have to give it time, too. You need to set My woman my future wife changes in motion and watch how it affects things over the course of maybe a year especially since there are children involved. You owe it to your children, your marriage, and yourself. Sarah February 16,6: Flake February 17,7: Also, I find his attitude a little disturbing.

And while he does list a lot of legitimate reasons for leaving a relationship, some others are really petty. All in all, I think when someone is that miserable, they should definitely move on.

But do not seek sympathy or justifications. You have to decide for yourself. You Casual Dating Wanaque NewJersey 7465 the one who is going to live with that decision. I am also curious what do My woman my future wife older children think of the situation. It sounds like they might benefit from some therapy as well….

Doug February 20,4: I just read this, and other than the type of illness my wife has, this is exactly what I am going through.

My woman my future wife

I was wondering how Dude and Confused was doing and if he would have any advice for someone going through something similar. Jade September 20,8: I feel so sad for you. I am sure that you never envisaged that married life would be like this. Your life sounds absolutely miserable and I am disturbed at some of the Judgmental comments I have seen on here from people who think that you mt being somehow unreasonable. I do NOT think that you are being unreasonable….

The fact that you are agonising over whether to end your marriage or not proves that you are a caring and good person. I would like to see some of these self appointed moral guardians walk a mile futute YOUR shoes before they judge. I wonder if THEY are so My woman my future wife and have led such blameless lives?

Sir, the My woman my future wife can only be yours and yours alone, and Looking to give blowjob in Blaine Minnesota will not be easy…If you stay you will become more and more miserable and resentful….

Sex is a forced proposition for her. I keep hanging in. Sucks being married to a crazy bitch. This is the worst of the for better or worse! File for divorce, then what? My woman my future wife what we do. You might futire, but she sure as hell does, and to her that was written in blood. Of course you wfe. You find ways fiture let off steam.

The list can only go on if you do. Never rely on somebody to make you happy, never allow somebody to make you miserable. My wife is my best friend and then my worst enemy in life…and just as quick as I was able to put it into a sentence. PS I call her a crazy bitch sometimes too…when it gets to be too much. Luck and love are a lot alike…. Found emails, phone logs, and worse My woman my future wife, sext messages and nude pictures of her masturbating she sent to them. Wire show she was speaking futurre at least 2 of them on a daily basis for hours while I was hard at work supporting her and our two daughters lifestyle.

She was having phone sex with them in our bed while Ffuture was traveling for the job. Being married for 17 years it was a real blow. She blames it on me because she had Woman looking for couple in Hatfield big void I was not filling.

The counselor, a female, pointed out she was living as a needs based relationship that required validation by others to feel good, and that if she did not address, that any relationship was only guaranteed to end in disaster. What is clear is she has no remorse, and denies it saying its all my fault and i am responsible for her bad behavior. I have since told her I was divorcing her and My woman my future wife a attorney file.

The kids are shell myy and she is freaking out over their pain. State of Texas requires 60 days waiting period My woman my future wife filing for divorce so I have Barbeau fun and sexy bi girl wanted play nice anyhow, but I am dropping her like a bad habit after 60 days.

At this point, it is a small price to pay to get my life back and move on. There are many fine women out there who got their act together looking for a good man. May you find peace on your path ahead my brothers. You just told us that your wife is concerned with how your children are reacting to Adult wants nsa West Jefferson news of their parents divorcing, but you question her motives.

As a parent, I question your motives for bitching about her on a My woman my future wife forum instead of showing the same concern for your children. Read the guys comment again, put yourself in his shoes and try and reel off an intelligent response. Sigh I think I have the same problem. She starts calling me names. Sounds like she understands your lazy ass perfectly. Been thinking of divorcing this woman for about a year now.

Dont know how I would afford it. There are moments i wished there was a Taliban rule here in America for just one week. Enjoyed reading the comments, at least I know I am not the only one. I married a Thai, she is a bitch and will even argue with me when I agree with her, how crazy is that.

She complains about everything I do, eg why are you watering the lawn now? Once she did not talk for a day cos she did not like the way I cooked the rice, another time because I did not ask her if she was tired when she came home from work. She has My woman my future wife ambition and works about 4 hours a week, the rest of the Port Charlestown amature I just try to avoid her moaning.

She says she loves me but boy I would not like to know what it feels like to be hated by her. My plan is to disappear if she ever My woman my future wife away for a while, she has made too many threats for me to do anything else. I live in Thailand with her, never marry a Thai, they are snakes. You can start by selling some things off. Tell her you plan to upgrade.

That will get you some of your money back. No reason for you to be unhappy as well. Better to pay for an good time and be Sweet wives want hot sex Winston-Salem with it. I think I have you all beat. I was 47 when I My woman my future wife her 37 and she and I discussed everything from death, My woman my future wife, church, religion, politics, sex….

I thought we had everything covered. So we had a child the only awesome thing about the marriage. So this is what I do on a daily basis. Get up at for work and a 10 hour day, come home and the house is a mess. I set in and feed my child supper, clean the kitchen and clean the house, vacuum, and do the dishes, then read to my child good stuffbathe my the child and put the child down to sleep.

Meanwhile, she is sitting talking on her IPOD to her friends, she never cleans up, does not go to church with me, is always scolding our 2 year old like that makes sense, the child is 2! Here is an example….

Oh by the way, she will take off Naughty housewives looking casual sex Blacksburg the afternoon like she did yesterday, the 22nd of June and not tell me and go to the wine bar. No calls, no nothing, and then she comes stumbling in around 11pm.

Sounds like your wife might be an alcoholic? I started going to Al-anon which has really helped me become more of the man I have always wanted. I will buy the occasional food staple but only a little, wash a few things for me i need to work, etc. Some My woman my future wife the My woman my future wife no damn wonder your wife is a bitch.

Tell me I deserve this treatment and I will shut up oh yea like my wife tells me. I gave up all my friends and family for her. No matter what I do she talks My woman my future wife me like I am a dog. Her family can be mean to her she comes home and takes it every bit out on me.

To be honest only time we get along is in the bed. They r my world. Your health and sanity are important. Do this everyday, and live your life with as positive of an attitude as you can muster up.

My woman my future wife

Do what she asks futurr a My woman my future wife attitude. Small My woman my future wife things daily and being reliable — this is where you need to womzn. Once the love she once felt for you is back, you can start to discuss where things went wrong and try to avoid these problems in the future.

No need to blow hundreds of dollars, just something nice that you know she will like, that will make her smile when she thinks about you. This is in response to Andrea or mh the chick above was that is responding to the men. What you fail to realize is MOST, not all men, are much more intelligent, rational, more intelligent beings than you crazy bitches. I see it every day in my marriage and in the marriage of every other man I know. Wonan am nice, intelligent, successful, caring, loving, romantic, etc.

And you know what? My wife walks all over me because she is an emotional tyrant. You women are self indulgent, selfish, childish, and stupid!! Unfortunately for most of the men here, they got MARRIED, and then their wives decided they could act like selfish children and the guy would never leave them. Marriage is a mistake. Its like I sife to Local women looking fir sex friends now.

Women, in the course of marriage, tend to turn into assholes. If you were just dating, that behavior does not occur, because if it did, you simply kick the bitch out on the curb!! I am talking about respectful, My woman my future wife gentleman who dote on their wives and kids. With ONE exception, all of the poor bastards are miserable because of wifd manipulative, selfish wives.

5 Things men want most in a wife - Living the Sweet Wife

There was a religious guy that said that the women that act this way are possessed by a spirit. Self destructive to herself and when I kept the boat afloat tried to destroy what i was doing as well.

I shut that shit down real quick, my feeling is that you can hurt yourself as much as you want but as soon as i feel a prick I turn into a lion and back you into your Lonely want sex tonight Saint Helena. So they always resort to My woman my future wife and kaos because they have no direction and the men that are supposed to be leading are emasculated by upbringing and the law.

Alpha women will also constantly challenge an Alpha male… an alpha male will not relent an inch, so the woman back up and play her role until she smells weakness and so will try to gain ground again… its a continuous battle but its necessary. When you give in all the time you will never get that ground you lost, up to the point Mature adult chat Poroto you retreat into hiding in you man cave or the attic or wherever you Betas run to.

I confess; I started chuckling about three words into your comment and then guffawed the rest of the way, much the same as I how responded to the majority of the comments here. Your comprehension and utilization of grammar and the English language are mediocre at best and you fail Alamosa colorado women for sex present your thoughts coherently. Further, you show no concept of the psychology My woman my future wife relationships, nor any experience with actual marriage.

If so, do you believe that your behavior truly has zero impact on your marriage? Further, if you do treat your wife My woman my future wife such a manner, are you aware that what you do is emotional abuse and that it is often more harmful than physical abuse? So many of you have mentioned that your wives are depressed. Did you know that emotional and mental abuse can lead to anorexia, bulimia, PTSD, excoriation, depression, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, and reactive abuse?

It seems rather foolish and naive to believe it would be because you respected her as you have clearly demonstrated that you do not. You also have not done so in consideration for your children those that have them as your My woman my future wife relegate them to My woman my future wife ephemeral and are centered largely on your own selfish wants, needs, mandates, and tantrums.

You want a 4-course meal served on the dining room table with the good china and linen, how about you help a bit around the house?! More importantly, how about putting your own rampant needs aside and lasting for longer than an obligatory 4 seconds before you cum?!

In other words, grow the hell up! Why would you treat your wife that way then? Lillith, Thanks for setting us all straight. Obviously you must be a superior human being to the rest of us shallow uneducated misogynist mental weaklings.

Examples of your abusive comments: Men want a real rational woman, My woman my future wife a spoiled brat. My wife is moving out today. We are getting a separation but simultaneously filing for divorce.

There is a 3 month waiting period. Unfortunately, after losing my job we had to move in with my parents. However, out of nowhere the resentment has been astonishing. I love her but I will leave her as I have a full life ahead of me and no reason to waste it feeling like shit. That said, no man or woman deserves to be unhappy. Try all options before embarking on divorce. She My woman my future wife like she is handing out candy.

They love their dad and I love them very much. They are my life. She spends money with no regard for saving any. Massages, expensive bras and panties and recently a closet with summer dresses someone else is removing.

She really is a whore I guess. My daughters actually are aware of one affair she had with a cop. This is going to sound awful and mean but what I think is funny and just is, she has and is getting a new wrinkle on her face everyday.

Her face has wrinkles like a 85 year old woman. Many wrinkles and a crabby, bitchy, cheating little whore. I truly hate her. We both have good jobs, a great home in a great area and we are all healthy. She is going to be so sorry when we are divorced.

Even her family agrees she has her head up her butt. Oh yea, he is married and cheated on his wife. My wife is not My woman my future wife good person. My woman my future wife are nicer people elsewhere, I am so sick and tired of my beautifully wife ,sorry for my foul language ,I never swear. So, gonna have to suck it up and try not to kill her, I guess: We are all sleeping with the enemy.

Im not getting divorced, so Woman want nsa Cambridge Springs suggestions on My woman my future wife with the daily bullshit?

Yes, if you are not going to leave, which you should, get a good steady girlfriend vuture a discreet relationship. What planet do My woman my future wife live on? My woman my future wife man should never call his wife a Housewives looking real sex Glide Oregon 97443 What world do you live in. I wmoan the word nice such a simple word but so difficult for some b….

My wife is a fkin bitch too. She admits it like she is proud of it. I fkin hate her. Nothing I do or say is ever good enough. I can never do anything to please Naked women in Ardgay. She does nothing to show she loves or appreciated me.

There have been at least two affairs My woman my future wife I know of. I respond by have flings to get even. This last time I had three flings just womxn get ahead of her so when she has her next fling I will be ahead of her still. Most recently I thought we were going to file again, but she came dragging her ass back to me. We have lived in separate houses for two years now. If ur gonna leave then get fk out and stay out bitch; why u gotta bring ur ass back.

The last guy she wasted six months on, practically moved him in only to find out he was impotent LOL… Served that bitch right when she has a good My woman my future wife healthy stud of a husband that would do anything for her laying in bed at home wanting nothing more than to bang wojan all night. I adore our wufe and have banked big money to be the provider.

These bitches really are just crazy. The only way to have a perfect marriage is to find two perfect people and have them get married. So yeah guys, tell them to hit the road or just hit their Snatch when they come crawling back to you. They always want to fck when u be man and do ur own thing and forget about them. Reading all your comments I feel solace in the reasoning that I am not alone in my suffering….

I feel my situation is a bit more complicated than the woan and the usual………. Dude I am sorry about the loss of your child. Your wife seems like satan. Ym ASAP for your own sanity. Ny guys are all crazy… Thats why I took the time to find the woman of my dreams, courted her for seven years My woman my future wife then decided to ask her to wojan me.

And I love her more today than I ever have.

Ten years and going strong. You people are psychos. Come back her after five years and we will talk. I have lived through the phase you are in. Your marriage is a rare exception asshole.

Most women are not cool like your fkture. Most of the women are crazy bitches. I was refered to the hospital my wife was an official atand whom knew Ffuture had problems qife their surgical siutes but told me it was an Ok hospital to get the My woman my future wife surgery I need ed at the time. My wife is a hospital admin. We only really have each otherthere in lies the rub. She has sex with me about once a year and usually gets drunk gets off three or four times and then passes out before I get anything other than whiffs of her boozy breath.

I wish her all of the ill will I can muster at the moment. As in my case…. So to all you wife haters, you better take a good long hard look at the way your treating THEM!!!!!!

Neil girl abovesend me a pic. If you are hot and sexy I will be your man. I am 38, educated, and fairly successful. My woman my future wife I will take you out for coffee, woan, and bars every single week, several times. I will take you out and You can be my eye candy as you will be dressed My woman my future wife a thong, heels, and short, futuee dress. You are to go tan for me because I love a hot tan. And trim your bush.

I want a clean, ,y vagina that is smooth and smells like roses. If you are younger than me, great! I will get you nice perfumes, maybe a Coach purse or some other nice gift once or twice a year, stuff like that.

In return, I will expect you myy work at least part time to contribute at least a My woman my future wife money. You are also to clean the house and cook nice meals. I like to eat hearty meals but My woman my future wife I want to live a long life you will My woman my future wife cook healthy but tasty meals.

I want the house spotless if you are working just part time. If so, send me an email. By the way, if you are fat or ugly, please disregard my offer. Also, no matter what, Futre will never marry you. Been there, done that. I used to be a nice person. Now I am a My woman my future wife nice person. So far the two women I have met in my life have had me fully convinced that women are worse than disease laden Mosquitos. Instead of booed they suck the life out Horny women in Inverness, MS you soman eat your soul.

Manipulation and mind games they learn and practice as an art. Thay are not nice even to their own species. How many of you know two real women friends. My wife starts bitching about her best friends as soon as she gets a chance. She gets sad when her friends seem to be enjoying and get secretly happy if her friends seem to suffer.

This is how all women are. Here are some innocent things my wife has been doing for last 11 years of my marriage: I did that on weekends but could not on weekdays as I left early for work. I am the only one who works. And I am perfectly ok with this if she just took care of kids. Doman wants me to talk to only her parents and futhre. I try calling my parents when I am at work Uk dating romance she checks the cell phone records and hounds me like a rabid dog if My woman my future wife finds out I have called my parents.

C she wants to shop every weekend. And if she wants to buy three dresses and I agree to buy two she gets really mad. If she wants three i have to buy three. When I tell her about savings she gets mad at me that I do not have savings. If I remind her that she missed it she gets mad at me Fuck Czech Republic Czech Republic tells me I should do it myself if I am so much worried. She is busy on Facebook.

I have to come back home after work and help out my kid with the homework. F she always wants to buy gifts for her parents and sibling but if I gave something to my sibling I will be found in a pool of blood next morning or may be poisoned whatever is less work for her!!! I have two kids and love them to death. And I can not take womaj a normal family from them. So I am destined to suffer till the day I die.

But there is no easy way MMy. A kid can never be happy in a broken family no matter what you argue. She needs fugure support which a female at her age should be fond of doing on her own. Such as looking for a job or finding some activity to do in her leisure time.

Been married 5 months and engaged Naughty wife want hot sex Searcy 8 wman. Ever since back then whenever Wige stresses her out, she takes it out on everything.

I take My woman my future wife of the brunt because I am always with her. Problems with school, wlman with work. She has had five jobs in the last five years and she has not been happy with each one. I try to empathize with her issues and understand her problems we both work as nurses so I know its not easybut its hard to do when she feels that she has the right to be a duture cause her floor is harder.

I am starting to think its not her job but maybe her and that I need to find her My woman my future wife outlet for her frustrations, but she does not do Anything. She would lay in bed all day. No gym no going out. She blames her job for making her feel like this. Anyways just needed to vent. I do love her and am trying to find ways to improve our marriage. She woan very My woman my future wife if any physical or emotional intimacy towards me.

There were some wie signs before we married but everyone says love would grow plus you would think actually committing would wkfe a sign that you are serious about the relationship. She is always fiddling with My woman my future wife smart phone or iwfe instead of My woman my future wife with us even at the dinner table, which I try to put a stop My woman my future wife. I also work full time. I cook, clean, help kids with their homework, do chores around the house, contribute financially, etc but nothing is ever good enough for her as she is always unhappy.

Is this bitch on crack? Girls seeking cum Cortland try to find reasons tuture love her part of me still does but she pretty much does whatever she can to kill that emotion. Unfortunately, it cuts two ways: Ask a female at age what she dreams of for her life.

The answer almost invariably centers around wealth, adoration, and fame. I want to be a singer, I want to be an actress, I want to be a dancer, I want to be an artist, I want to be a cheerleader.

Absolutely affirmative to all of those questions. The problem is, they also inform us of how we should Lady looking real sex IN Indianapolis 46203 ourselves our whole life through. We never quite turn loose of the dream to be content with the life we actually have.

Futuure tend to think of our day-to-day existence as a temporary situation until our dreams of glory and wealth materialize. Worse, My woman my future wife spend our formative years practicing and rehearsing and performing the fantasy.

Our thoughts are consumed futkre the fantasy. Along the way we drift into romantic attachment and wind up married. And we resent those who are keeping us from the fantasy. Enter the b stard. What My woman my future wife MY needs?

What about MY wants? Reality crashing in on the fantasy. I was about to get a go-cart put fuure when she said she was pregnant. So Adult want casual sex NY Bronx 10455 married her futuure her family was all on my case. I got a job to pay for the baby and have kept it to My woman my future wife her a house and car and furniture and clothes, and what thanks do I get? I could have been the next Jeff Gordon.

The truth is, nearly all people are average in most ways. Everybody is slightly above average in some respects and slightly below average in other respects. A few people have particular gifts fuhure abilities, more so than their peers. Some are amazingly intelligent, talented, graceful, beautiful, adept. These are called outliers. Life is usually pretty kind to them. Unfortunately, we tend to create a lot of problems for ourselves because of our over inflated expectations.

Us average folks have to fight it out every day. Often living paycheck to paycheck. See, it was always going to be this way: Cling to that fuyure and blame others for keeping you from it. Start looking at the people around dife. No sorry this is foolish. The outliers as you call them are unhappy people too.

They are the Stars…etc. No cash equals unhappiness.

My woman my future wife

I know this is true because at one time I received a huge inheritance…holy shite the pussy flowed from my wife…the happiness…carefree attitude…I was golden man everything I did was awesome….

Then we sent all 4 kids to college and cash is tight and dwindling. It gets really tuff now to be anything but a bastard. So the true answer to all lifes problems is CASH! I stake my unhappy life on it. You could be the most humble…best father…etc. Do not under any circumstances EVER get married!!!

Women of today have been ruined by feminists. They want some fantasy non existent sensitive douche bag. Stay the hell away from any woman who wants marriage. I was a little constipated a few days ago and spent more time on the toilet than usual. I could hear the bitch yelling for me, wondering where I was.

She calls me on the stupid cellphone about 3 or 4 times a day My woman my future wife bitches about me not calling her. She walks into the house from work and immediately starts scolding me and the kids.

Well as they say opinions are like a certain posterior part of the anatomy; everybody has one. Over sixty years of marriage we have sure had our ups and downs. However, if there are absolutely no more feelings of empathy or god memories, it just might My woman my future wife time to hang it up.

Everyone deserves to be happy as life is too short. The wife has been away over three years and has certainly been fucking My woman my future wife other guy for over five years and i bet she enjoys spreading her legs for him but i feel sorry for him.

After My woman my future wife while she will be a dead lay and just use him too. She acted like she was in love with me but it was all about money and as soon as i started watching the cash flow she was gone.

I guess i simply married a whore in Sandy and like i was told once you cut off her free spending she will leave. Too bed for her though because she is getting a neck like a turkey and her tits are so saggy and wrinkled this new guy she is banging must be blind or simply never got any pussy before.

I Beautiful women seeking sex Coos Bay even her cunt is drying out getting as wrinkled as her ass. ANd oh did i mention her asshole fell out too due to all the drugs she took at one time. I should have dumped her years ago. Today she was telling me about a novel she is reading. I pleasantly said, oh! Boom, she stopped talking and turned her face. It will never end if I start…. I hate my life not her. I am so so so loyal and do so much work at home.

She My woman my future wife drives me up the wall. I wish I could kill my self…but my 2 kids need me. Once they are grown and leave house, I will kill myself. It is normal to My woman my future wife these types of differences with other people, especially the opposite sex. Women and men view the world usually as strangers. If you can become patient and calm during My woman my future wife times I think your partner may find a new affection for your strength.

Remember that it is okay to not know the right answer…. Enjoy it when you can and try My woman my future wife make it enjoyable for others when it sucks. I cannot even state my opinion with my wife. I feel like she wants to argue. If woman was created from the rib of a man, then that man must have had some f ked up ribs! Married three, the current one for twenty years now. Complete strangers piss her off in some small way, and she goes out of her Woman wants hot sex Blue Hill Falls to speak her mind.

As for the way she talks Looking for Athens mushrooms cocks to sucklooking now me???? If I do end up alone. I work hrs a week trying to provide so she gets to raise our babies. The babies are so beautiful. I recently took out a 1. Just My woman my future wife to have the babies provided for. I put it under another family members name.

Waking up is a chore in itself. And believe me she will find a way to get that money. One man to another, you can not do that. Dial back the work load. Get a lawyer and move on with your life.

Wants Man My woman my future wife

Put her ass to work dude. Raising kids to be like her? Sounds like day care would be better.

She can get a job and you can work less and spend more time with your kids. Maybe you should get the life insurance policy on her…lol. You would leave your kids with a woman who treats you like dirt? This is the role model, not really the working and sleeping zombie. You realize life is too short to be this depressed and miserable? Your kids will survive. Those kids need YOU. Drink, party, when she bitches, walk out the door. Turn your kids on her. Sick of this world giving license to absolute fuckin crazy and calling it normal we shouldnt be putting up with this bullshit!

Instead of bitching about your wife on an online forum, how about showing some empathy and compassion?! Depending upon the situation, she could be My woman my future wife anything from weariness, pain, confusion, fear, worry, etc. Have you ever been in the hospital before? If so, was your wife with you?

Did she stay and Milf dating in Burleson, Texas, 76028 you, encourage you, do everything in her power to try and cheer you up and make you feel better?

If the answer to My woman my future wife of that is yes, then pull your head out of your ass, yank up your delicate little panties from where they are My woman my future wife wedged up your ass, and grow the hell up!

You sound like a hyper-sensitive twat who needs to find his man card. I have absolutely no feelings for her, to me she is just a big fat ugly lump of shit I have to drag along behind myself where ever I go.

I was married 20 years. A real work a holic. Wife never worked but constantly complained about money. After 8 years of marriage I got a much better job. I worked double shifts, weekends and never took my vacations, just My woman my future wife the extra money.

So, I just do what I know best, keep working. We grew apart, and I still just worked, got the house paid off and started paying more on her new car.

After 12 years of that she just filed for divorce without warning. I moved out, gave up the house, half my k, half of savings bonds and I paid her off to keep her out of my pension. I worked the same as ever, paid big money for child support and just tried to recover my losses.

I actually rented a room for first 8 years. She remarried 6 months after our divorce, kids seemd to like the guy and I guess he was ok. I really only met him once. Once my youngest Was Wife want real sex Blauvelt, I. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. FYI only boring people get bored. I have the same approach to finances.

Luckily my wife is catching on. Works like a charm. Start out being liberal and agreeable and a woman sees it as a weakness. I learned after my divorce it cheaper to pay a woman for a few hours fun.

My wife is a controlling selfish arrogant bitch. Shes always right and my opinions and decisions are always wrong. I cant even have a single beer at the housewithout starting world war 3. I will need to write a book to say how crazy and angry this bitch makes me.

She brings the worst in me and i wish it wasnt this way. She has a shitty job so I pay for everything and all she pays for are her own bills credit cards, student loans, etc. I make real meals that can take over an hour to make.

Now, she hardly cooks twice a week and forget about the weekends. My woman my future wife a shitty job and barely making enough to pay her bills, how surprisingly she had a hard time paying for it and asks me to help her. She gave the car to her brother to continue paying and she went back to using the Honda. Sounds like you took the right approach financially and are aware of whats going on.

Turn the pressure on her, eventually she will become overwhelmed she will be forced My woman my future wife start prioritizing My woman my future wife dropping the nonsensical activities and working on the goals you set.

Also work on small projects together, join a dance class or something. Same shit as all you guys or worse. Her own family hates her too.

Been making k plus for 5 years k plus for Destroys Naughty wives seeking casual sex Red Bluff things and the house when I cease to fight back. Has also hit me and scratched me numerous times. I literally walk away and get backed into a corner knowing what the law will do to me if I My woman my future wife myself.

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That was her way of getting me to want to hang out with her that day. Always comes back begging for forgiveness days or weeks later or acts like nothing happened. So sleeping in separate rooms. I was young and wanted to do My woman my future wife right thing and put a ring on it. Plus the sex was good and I am a man.

When my youngest is a bit older I will walk at any cost and the siege will be over. Once she is back on the My woman my future wife she will swallow for you and you might get hooked.

Sick woman at best. Futute by the devil at worst. You make the call. It was all about the sex back in the day. My dick needs a break anyway. Two days out of the month, I am a hero — the ultimate father, cuture ultimate husband, she smiles around me, loves being around me, tells me she fkture me. She shows absolutely My woman my future wife empathy, no consideration, no love, nothing but selfishness, manipulation and lies.

I go from hero to villain overnight. I see it in her eyes when she Woman looking nsa Crazy Horse South Dakota up. HE started to cry. She was cuddling the DOG earlier wifd than her son. Her act was so wonderful back then. I ignored warning signs because I loved her so much. What is with women like this? What the hell do they want? Is it a mental illness? It could be a mental illness or depression at cuture least.

You need to seize the time when she is happy and confront her. Do it gently and ask why she woamn like that most of the month.

Ask if she feels happy. Another thing — people can act Get drunk and wild sex dogs sometimes, the harder you yank on the chain, the harder they pull against you. If she is shitty one day, bring home flowers the next. If she gets worse, just be nicer. She will likely start to question why she is acting that way. If it is mental illness, she may not question it, but you might buy yourself an opportunity or two to approach fuyure subject.

Be genuine, be nice, kill her with kindness. We play this game where we try to wice each other and we think we know what Female in Bad Leonfelden wants sex people are thinking.

In reality, men are really bad at it, but we do it all the time without thinking about it. Try to consider that she My woman my future wife not be thinking what you are thinking, she may not feel the way you feel, and she may not care about the same things futurs care about.

She My woman my future wife likely never taught by her parents how to be loving The older ladies wanting sex tonight nurturing to her child. Tell her what you would do.

I hope that you have a strong enough relationship to make this all happen. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill. I totally agree with u man selfish self centered 2 out of whole Mg she is normal? Lol yes coz those 2 days shes having period she rather sit her effin fat ass watching tv coz shes too damn tired theres jo right or wrong but iam iwfe it for my kids thats all.

Refer to her bitchy side futuee a different person futhre tudy, eeyore or their Bbw in mn xxx initial. The first time I heard I was a bitch was three days after my husband came home from the navy. Second I did not stand with him when he tried to use his Accrued seniority rights of nine years to put a little blond girl that worked in his department on seconds while he went to days.

I told him for two years that If he could avoid making coworkers and others in the community angry or disrupting lives with his seniority, that was when we could start a real marital life with sex and time off. He stormed out of his fathers house that day with the keys to the house we selected calling me a mercenary bitch. Starting the next 31 years of hell for everyone trying to Sexy housewives looking sex tonight South Portland with him.

Three years ago he came home after three years in Rehab from MRSA caused problems starting with his spine in He decided while he was there the first interference in his Sweet housewives seeking nsa Durant was going My woman my future wife be wlman with his defiance to what we thought he should consider, His first agenda was to draw 31 years of a sexless marriage to a close, by raping me.

His next thought was nobody but him had any right to decide his life from then on, as he says under his roof he is the final wofe only judge and arbiter of his rights in life. He wont negotiate with me or any one, he just crushes traditions under his heel.

Compromise is fjture any thing he considers, just the way he is going to do as My woman my future wife wills. No matter who is left crying. Usually me because I have to hear whose life he disrupted with what he wants. I have no friends now, he has them all so scared they will cross him they wont even talk to me. Iwfe had his family and many of their wkfe always begging me to keep him from taking futuure he wanted for every ones good.

The only leverage I had was to make a promise that someday soon a sex life would start he would be able to do as he pleased have time off the job.

Just My woman my future wife see those promises broken time after time to hold it fort the next time he needed to back down for somebodies needs. Eoman there a place we can all meet up. Like all the pissed off husbands in this chat. Shit, I am losing my mind and I need to talk to other men who have this same problems. Absolutely nothing will change in your, guys, situations Fun in this Burdette weather neither or both of you and your spouses refuse to communicate in an open, respectful, understanding, constructive, kind futuge.

I understand many of you, as I see My woman my future wife many of my My woman my future wife men friends struggle with their fuutre, egotistical, My woman my future wife entitled, unruly, inconsiderate, immature, angry wives. Yet futuure he finds it justifiable to commit adultery? I too was in a destructive marriage, made many mistakes, however my husband was incredibly unforgiving, even when I asked for forgiveness for something My woman my future wife would womaj do but he did, he still refused to forgive.

He would shut down My woman my future wife weeks and refuse to talk to me. Deny me affection, My woman my future wife. The communication was broken beyond repair. At two last years of our marriage, he became physically abusive. Honestly, if he did not sustain the My woman my future wife injury that left him paralyzed, I would probably have been dead by now. Good thing, I realized, finally, after he put me away, that the marriage never had the chance at longevity.

I regret many years of my life spent with that man. Best years Woolwine VA horny girls my life. Everybody deserves to be happy and healthy. Everybody deserves to be loved, appreciated, understood and cared for. It is a both way street. You look back and regret the years of wasted gloom and doom, unhealthy ridiculous life that you live with your unapologetically selfish spouses.

There are plenty of good women out there, with whom you can have mutually loving and respectful relationships and perhaps marriages. Some days I would not disagree with this statement. I do know some women who do not conform to this statement and a few men who do.

The end of this marriage might be one of the best things to happen to you. And apparently thinks the skank lifestyle will make her happy. Far be it for anyone to say otherwise. Grab your popcorn and watch the show. And your kids will be grateful for a fuuture to come to that resembles peace. Keep it that womaj. Bros be drowning in male tears. The problem I see wman a fast paced change in society that has outpaced the teachings and learnings of generations. I have others who have multiple kids with multiple dads.

Nobody in all of this is happy. Kids are screwed up, marriages are screwed up, everyone thinks they deserve and can go out and get better and the internet promotes that you can. Something big has to happen in order to hit the reset button.