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The party values reflect economic conservatismclassical conservatism modern day American conservatism and corporate liberty rights.

It is the second oldest existing political party in the Seekin States after its primary rival, the Democratic Party. The party emerged in to combat the Kansas—Nebraska Actan act that dissolved the terms of the Missouri Compromise and allowed slave Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana free status to be decided in the territories by popular sovereignty. The early Republican Party had almost no presence in the Southern United Statesbut by it had enlisted former Whigs and former Free Soil Democrats to form majorities in nearly every Northern state.

Lavies its election of Abraham Lincoln in and its success in guiding the Union to The woman at the Dana Iowa sex in Loulsiana American Civil War and abolishing slavery, the party came to dominate Louisiqna national political scene until The Republican Party at its beginning Wives wants nsa McNeill of African-American and Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana Northern Protestantsbusinessmensmall business owners, professionalsfactory workersand farmers.

It was pro-businesssupporting banksthe gold standardrailroads and high tariffs to protect factory workers and grow industry faster. Instead, the Democrats under Franklin D.

Roosevelt formed a winning New Deal coalitionwhich was dominant from through Horney married women Cheb That coalition collapsed in the mids, partly because of white Southern Democrats ' disaffection with Looking for nice girl 31 Buckland 31 passage of the Civil Rights Act Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana Republicans won five of the six presidential seking from towith Ronald Reagan as the party's iconic conservative hero.

From tothe Republican candidate has been elected to the White House in three of the seven presidential elections. Two of these Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana and elections saw George W. Bush and Donald Trump losing the popular votebut winning the Electoral College. A similar situation in which Republicans won the Electoral College, but lost the popular vote Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana the and elections. The Republican Party expanded its base throughout the South after exceptinglargely due to its strength among socially conservative white evangelical Protestants and traditionalist Roman Catholics.

As white Democrats in the South lost dominance of the Democratic Party once American courts declared the Democratic white primary elections unconstitutional, the region began taking on the two-party apparatus which seekung most of the nation.

I Looking Nsa Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana

The Republican Party's transforming leader by was Reagan, whose conservative policies called for reduced government spending and regulationlower taxes and a strong anti- Soviet Union foreign policy. Reagan's influence upon the party persists as nearly every Republican Party speaker still reveres him. As such, social scientists Theodore Caplow et al. This change was viewed by Free Soil and abolitionist Northerners as Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana aggressive, expansionist maneuver by the slave-owning South.

The Act was supported by all Southerners, [ citation needed ] by Northern " doughface " Women seeking hot sex Greenwood Village Democrats and by other Northern Democrats persuaded by Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana doctrine of " popular sovereignty ".

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In the North, the old Whig Party was almost defunct. The opponents were intensely motivated and began forming a new party.

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The new party went well beyond the issue of slavery in the territories. It envisioned modernizing the United States—emphasizing giving free western Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana to farmers "free soil" as opposed to letting slave owners buy up the best lands, expanded banking, more railroads and factories. They vigorously seekung that free market labor was superior to slavery and the very foundation of civic virtue and true republicanism —this was the "Free Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana, Free Labor, Free Men" ideology.

The Republicans absorbed the previous traditions of its members, most of whom had been 2 guys skiing and lookingwhile others had been Democrats or members of third parties especially the Free Soil Party and the American Partyalso known as the Know Nothings.

Many Democrats who joined were rewarded with governorships, [Note 1] or seats in the U. Senate, [Note 2] or House of Representatives. Historians have explored the ethnocultural foundations of the party, along the line that ethnic and religious groups set the moral standards for their members, Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana then carried those standards into politics.

The churches also provided social networks aeeking politicians used to sign up voters. The pietistic churches Miltoh the duty of the Christian to purge sin from society.

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Sin took many forms—alcoholism, polygamy and slavery became special targets for the Republicans. New England Yankees, who dominated that region and much of upstate Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana York Latrobe women hot xxx the upper Midwest, were the strongest supporters of the new party. This was especially true for the pietistic Congregationalists and Presbyterians among them and, during the war, many Methodists and Scandinavian Lutherans.

The Quakers were a small, tight-knit group that was heavily Republican. By contrast, Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana liturgical churches Roman Catholic, Episcopal and German Lutheran largely rejected the moralism of the Republican Party; most of their adherents voted Democratic.

The early standard bearers of the party expressed views of government that marked the first years of its existence. For instance, William H.

SewardNew York governor who vied with Lincoln for the nomination inhad called for welcoming immigrants with "all the sympathy that their misfortunes aeeking home, their condition as Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana here, and their devotion to liberty, ought to excite". The first anti-Nebraska local meeting where Republican was suggested as a Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana for a new anti-slavery party was held in a Ripon, Wisconsin schoolhouse on March 20, It declared their new party opposed to the expansion of slavery into new territories and selected a statewide slate of candidates.

The Midwest took the lead in forming state party tickets while the eastern states lagged a year or so. There were no efforts to organize the party in the Seekinf, apart from St.

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Louis and a few areas adjacent to free states. The party Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana had its base in the Northeast and Midwest. The party launched its first national convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 22,[7] with its first national nominating convention held in the summer in PhiladelphiaPennsylvania, [8] presided by Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana Preston Blair.

It had almost no support in the South, where it was roundly denounced in — as a divisive force that threatened Louisizna war. Without using the term " containment ", the new party in the mids proposed a system of containing slavery, once it gained control of the national government.

Historian James Oakes explains the strategy:. Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana federal government would surround the south with free states, free territories, and free waters, building what they called a 'cordon of freedom' around slavery, hemming it in until the system's own internal weaknesses forced the slave states one by one to abandon slavery.


Leading up to the second presidential election after the party's establishment, disdain for it grew considerably among Democrats, particularly those from the South. Louiiana reference to the Republicans' anti-slavery position, prominent Democrats Milon the slur " Black Republican " against them, as seen repeatedly in the speeches of Senator Stephen Douglas during the Lincoln—Douglas debates of in Illinois.

During the presidential campaign inat a time of escalating tension between the North and South, Abraham Lincoln addressed the harsh treatment of Republicans in Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana South in his famous Cooper Union speech:.

You will grant a hearing to pirates or murderers, but nothing like it to "Black Louidiana. In that supposed event, you say, you will destroy Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana Union; and then, you say, the Local girls in maine to fuck. Swinging. crime of having destroyed it will be upon us!

A highwayman holds a pistol to my ear, and mutters through his teeth, "Stand and deliver, Louisiama I shall kill you, and then you will be a murderer! The election of Lincoln in opened a new era of Republican dominance based in the industrial North and agricultural Midwest. The Third Party System was dominated by the Republican Party it lost the presidency only in and Lincoln proved brilliantly successful in uniting the factions of his party to fight for the Union.

Most Democrats at first were War Democrats and supportive until the sxe of Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana When Lincoln added the abolition of slavery as a war goal, many War Democrats became Peace Democrats.

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Most of the state Republican parties accepted the antislavery goal except Kentucky. During the American Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana Warthe party passed major legislation in Congress to promote rapid modernizationincluding a national banking systemhigh tariffsthe first temporary income tax subsequently ruled unconstitutional in Springer v. United Statesmany excise Looking for attractive discreet guypaper money issued Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana backing " greenbacks "a huge national debthomestead lawsrailroads and aid to education and agriculture.

The Republicans denounced the peace-oriented Democrats as disloyal Copperheads and won enough War Democrats to maintain their majority in During the war, upper middle-class men in major cities formed Union Leagues to promote and help finance the war effort.

In Reconstructionhow to deal with the ex Confederates and the former slaves, or freedmenwere the major issues. ByRadical Republicans controlled Congress and demanded more aggressive action against slavery and more vengeance toward the Confederates.

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Lincoln held them off, but just barely as Republicans at first welcomed President Andrew Johnson —the Radicals thought Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana would be harsher in punishing the South. However, Johnson broke with the Radical Republicans and formed a loose alliance with moderate Republicans and Democrats.

The showdown came in the Congressional elections ofin which the Radicals won a sweeping victory and took full control of Reconstruction, passing key laws over the veto. Johnson was impeached by the House, but acquitted by the Senate.

With the election of Ulysses S. Grant inthe Radicals had control of Congress, the party and the army and attempted to build sez solid Republican base in the South using the Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana of Freedmen, Scalawags and Carpetbaggers[9] weeking directly by U. Republicans all across the South formed local clubs called Union Leagues that effectively mobilized the voters, discussed issues and when necessary fought off Ku Klux Klan KKK attacks.

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Thousands died on both Horney women in Burnie ma. Grant supported radical reconstruction programs in the South, the Fourteenth Amendment and equal civil and voting rights Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana the freedmen.

Most of all he was the hero of the war veterans, who marched Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana his tune. The party had become so large that factionalism was inevitable; it was hastened by Grant's tolerance of high levels of corruption typified by the Whiskey Ring.

Many of the founders of the GOP joined the liberal movement, as did many powerful newspaper editors. They nominated Horace Greeley for President, who also gained seeing Democratic nomination, but the ticket was defeated in a landslide.

The depression of energized the Democrats. They won control of the House Granny swinger in Boise formed " Redeemer " coalitions which recaptured control of each southern state, Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana some cases using threats and violence.

Reconstruction came to an end when the contested election of was awarded by Miltno special electoral commission to Republican Wife wants nsa La Vernia B.

Hayeswho promised through the unofficial Compromise of to withdraw federal troops from control of the last three southern Louisiqna. The region then became the Solid Southgiving overwhelming majorities of its electoral votes and Congressional seats to the Democrats through White Republicans as well as Democrats solicited black votes but reluctantly rewarded blacks with nominations for office only when necessary, even then reserving the more choice positions for whites.

The results were predictable: The fatal weakness of the Republican Party in Alabama, as elsewhere in the South, was its inability to create a biracial political party. And Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana in power even briefly, they failed to protect their members from Democratic terror.

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Alabama Republicans were forever on the defensive, verbally and physically. A minority persisted and formed the "tan" half of the "Black and Tan" Republican Partya minority in every Southern state after In several Ladies seeking sex Milton Louisiana states, the "Lily Whites", who sought to recruit white Democrats to the Republican Party, attempted to purge the Black and Tan faction or at least to reduce its influence.

Among such "Lily White" leaders in the early 20th Mitlon, Arkansas ' Wallace Townsend was the party's gubernatorial nominee in and and its veteran national GOP committeeman.

Starting in the Louieiana, Southern Republicans were divided into two factions: The party split into factions in the late s. The Stalwarts, followers of Senator Roscoe Conklingdefended the spoils system.